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Building on Firm Foundations“………Dromore High School, a secondary co-educational school in County Down made much of the Minister of Education’s granting of post-16 provision in the local media, the Dromore Leader.

10 pupils to Friends School er well not exactly


The headmaster,Mr John Wilkinson  is Principal of Dromore High School and also a Member of the C2K Project Board, the Education Technology Strategy Management Group, CCEA’s Curriculum & Assessment Committee and is Chairman of CCEA’s Regulation, Qualifications & Lifelong Learning Committee. He is also a member of CCEA’s governing body, its Council. Clearly a man of influence in education establishment circles.

However it seems that the figures from Mr Wilkinson have been challenged and subsequently revised after the newspaper was contacted by a parent.

The figures on pupils from Dromore High moving to grammar schools such as Friends School and the Royal Belfast Academical Institution have been revised dramatically DOWNWARDS. Wilkinson claimed 10 pupils transferred to Friends – the actual number was 2.  Wilkinson claimed 8 pupils transferred to Inst – the actual number was 2. Is the headmaster innumerate or  just guilty of over-egging the pudding in light of the Minister’s decision? 

However primary school parents listening to Mr Wilkinson’s  claims about the school’s academic record and best destination for their children on primary transfer may have been left with a very different and damaging impression. Self assessment by those of influence with competition of interest may result in harm.