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MINISTER’S FOREWORD to the CircularIn many respects Transfer 2011 will operate in a similar way to Transfer 2010, however, I have decided to make one change to the process

This Circular for admissions to post-primary schools for the 2011112 school year reflects my

Department’s policy on post-primary transfer, initially described in Transfer 2010 Guidance published on 25 June 2009, and further consolidated by the publication on 5 July 2010 of a postprimary transfer policy covering Transfer 20II and beyond. It is important that recipients read this document carefully to ensure that the process of transfer remains functional and coherent in the interests of all children and their parents. It is clearly very important that primary school principals continue to offer their help and advice to all P7 parents. It is also very important that the primary school principal’s role in

transfer is clear and receives the support of the Department. I am aware that 


“Primary School Principals should note that it is clearly very important that they continue to offer their help and advice to all P7 parents. It is also very important that the primary school principal’s role in Transfer is clear and receives the support ofthe Department. For these reasons, all primary school principals should invite parents of P7 children to an interview to advise on the completion of a Transfer Form and these interviews should take place on or before 4 February 2011. Grammar school breakaway entrance test results issue after this date. Primaryprocedure. It is possible that the need to generate savings in the education budget may preclude

principals are advised, therefore, that they should conduct transfer interviews with parents during a period when these interviews cannot become involved in issues related to breakaway entrance test results. Primary school principals have no formal involvement in these tests. Responsibility for completion ofthe Transfer Form continues to rest entirely with the parent. Primary schoolprincipals should also note that any transfer interviews conducted after 4 February 2011 will not be considered by the Department to be part ofthe transfer procedure and will not therefore be eligiblefor substitute teacher cover. An appropriate adjustment is being made to the arrangements for claiming substitute cover for involvement in the transfer

funding for any transfer interviews next year  Many principals are unhappy about being placed in a difficult position by the actions of grammar schools operating breakaway entrance tests. Primary school principals have no involvement in these tests and it is inappropriate, and indeed unfair, to expect them to provide advice on any aspect of these tests or associated procedures. For these reasons this new Circular advises at the appropriate points:

The DENI Circular on transfer: 2010-12  circular_2010-12_-_the_procedure_for_transfer_from_primary_to_post-primary_education_2011-12_pdf_2.62mb raises issues about the future of parent interviews.