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In a bizarre series of comments during the latest Education Committee meeting which took place in Room 21, Parliament Buildings
on Wednesday 2 March 2011 Trevor Lunn MLA of the Alliance Party makes clear to listeners that he has no understanding of the role of public representatives, i.e. to represent the public interest. In what amounts to a thinly veiled slur on a member of the public Mr Lunn bemoans the work carried out by a concerned parent while asking for help from his political opponents in understanding what he should do.

Listen here for the recording of the proceedings. http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/education/2007mandate/audio/multimedia.htm

It seems that the Office of the Information Commissioner have written to the DENI regarding concerns over data security but Mr Lunn doesn’t seem to understand the significance of this action. Indeed he can be heard bemoaning the volume of correspondence that he is required to read and digest. Perhaps the Chairman should have suggested resignation as the most effective action Mr Lunn might undertake. He certainly does not grasp the significant concern of parents and the ICO over the responsibility to manage data collected on children.