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Cambridge House Badge
The North Eastern Education & Library Board continue with their anti-selection and anti-grammar school agenda.

When you receive AQE test results for your child in the coming weeks the natural response to this news will be to avoid Cambridge House Grammar since it is designated to become Bi-Lateral (code for comprehensive)
“Cambridge House Grammar School will continue as an 11-19 Bi-Lateral school, selecting a proportion of its intake on the basis of academic ability, of 1030 pupils up to the year 2014 and will then reduce in stages to a maximum enrolment of 935 pupils.”

Notice that no information is provided on the percentage of pupils to be selected by academic abilty nor any indication that parents were consulted prior to the NEELB proposal
Contact the school principal and the NEELB to register your objection to the destruction of a controlled grammar school. Also contact your political representative and tell them you will note vote for them unless they reverse this proposal.
So much for the representation delivered by John O’Dowd’s Sectoral Support Body for the Controlled Sector. Antrim Grammar School principal, Stephen Black, a member, will be aware of this attack on controlled grammar schools but has remained silent. Perhaps he thinks the NEELB won’t come for his school too or perhaps he was too busy with his Gangham-style video production to notice.

The Rev. Trevor Gribben a TRC representative and avowed anti-selection man told members of the assembly education committee that the churches did not want anything in legislation that gave any particular sector particular rights. His concerns did not extend to denying the NEELB the opportunity to remove a grammar school from Ballymena without the consent of parents. Gribben was quoted telling Mervyn Storey and Danny Kinahan;

“The controlled sector has suffered long enough by being the Cinderalla. It has educated the vast majority of children from a Protestant background. Those schools must be treated with equality.”