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PISA utterly wrongTes FrontpageThe Times Educational Supplement published a news article on July 19th 2013 claiming that academic experts say global league tables beloved by politicians are “useless”.

The OECD Pisa response did not address the claims of one academic, Dr Hugh Morrison, who stated that the modelused by Pisa to calculate the rankings is, on its own terms, “utterly wrong” because it contains a “profound” conceptual error and accordingly “Pisa will never work” Indeed Pisa admitted “Large variation in single ranking positions is likely” and “country rankings are shown in the form of ranges rather than single ranking positions”

As might have been expected the teaching unions have rushed to use the academics’ criticisms of Pisa as a justification for attacking Michael Gove’s education policies.

Access Dr Morrison’s paper here: http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/SchoolofEducation/AboutUs/Staff/Academic/DrHughMorrison/