Four years ago it was obvious that Professor Tony Gallagher’s advice to government was contradictory.
In light of the Times Higher Education news article identifying him as a Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Queen’s University Belfast found guilty of academic misconduct relating to the advice he was paid to give the DENI it is time to demand a public enquiry into his role in changing and talking down the Northern Ireland education system.

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Having subjected Northern Ireland parents to a decade of disruption and confusion over the selective system of education in Northern Ireland Professor Tony Gallagher and Professor Alan Smith have been reduced to becoming mere commentators for the Belfast Telegraph.

It will hardly escape the notice of most that while Professor Gallagher and the Belfast Telegraph are calling for Caitriona Ruane to “Sit Down and Sort it Out” it is Professor Gallagher’s advice and research to the DENI that created the mess in the first place.

Compare and contrast the statements from Prof T. Gallagher made this week to the research he was paid for delivering to the DENI in 1998.

 “A decade of debate has produced no consensus, only a self-interested battle of wills between the Minister and the grammar lobby in which the only losers are our children. The chaos must not be allowed to continue. St Andrews means…

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