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DTOfsted Lefties

Talking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Sir Michael Wilshaw said he was

enraged by that suggestion that Ofsted was full of Lefty, hippy-type inspectors,mired in Sixties, child-centred ideology.

I experienced, when I started teaching in the Sixties, that sort of ideology which ruined the lives of generations of children at that time.

If we had any inspectors in our organisation that were applying that sort of ideology, they wouldn’t be working for me very long” “I think it was unstructured. It wasn’t teacher led. It employed teaching techniques that didn’t promote good teaching and learning. So we are well away from that


The Ofsted inspectors would have a field day if they were to inspect the Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), The Queen’s University Belfast School of Education and the Northern Ireland General Teaching Council. Mr Wilshaw would be spirited back to the Sixties in all three institutions which are “full of Lefty, hippy-type zealots, mired in Sixties, child-centred ideology”

Instead the ETI will inspect yet another grammar school and produce a critical report in line with the Education Minister’s expectations.