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Now that the majority of pupils and parents have the results of the test(s) in hand it is right that there is time taken to acknowledge the effort, celebrate and relax.  If only the media would allow it. Instead the annual circus turns up right on cue. Never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Transfer Test Papers)

T he BBCNI Education correspondent, Robbie Meredith, has prepared a package for today’s local  news on the transfer test results.  He talks about the Education Minister calling for an end to academic selection – that is not news. Sinn Fein Education Ministers have been trying to end the existence of grammar schools for sixteen years   Dr Meredith suggests that non- Catholic grammar schools are mostly controlled – that statement is totally inaccurate and finally he fleetingly mentions the “dualling” schools, ignoring entirely the fact that it is only those schools which require pupils to take multiple tests. Dr Meredith has been informed of the potential misclassification of pupils using the ‘equating’ schemes cited by the “dualling schools” but will not investigate or report on the problem.


A question from the AQE transfer test in 2015

The schools accepting GL Assessment and or AQE test results without accepting responsibility for the pressure their unnecessary demands cause are: Lagan College, Belfast (not a grammar school), Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor; Campbell College, Belfast;  Antrim Grammar, Antrim; Victoria College, Belfast; St Patrick’s Grammar, Downpatrick; Wellington College, Belfast; Hunterhouse College, Belfast.

Source: Belfast Telegraph Transfer Test Guide published January 25, 2016 Page 19

Most politicians would like to see the end of academic selection but will not admit it to you lest they lose your vote, a problem they are evidently incapable of reconciling. Former DUP First Minister Peter Robinson made much of his determination to deliver a single test. He left office defeated by the resolve of parents and a dedicated group of principled individuals who will not allow political expediency to destroy parental choice.

Enjoy the weekend.